Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Miracle Of The Grape

Ever Since The Age Of 17, I Became A Believer In The Grape Diet.

I am not a doctor, but I do believe in LOGIC and MIRACLES. The Grape Diet fits BOTH. It is sad to see people trying to sell the grape diet to make money, by promoting the weight loss aspect. Their sales pitch robs people of the knowledge of its true, original and essential healing intent. Since Overweight is Abnormal, it is only logical that weight loss will be part of a healing process on this diet, but it was NEVER intended to be a diet for weight loss only. It is one of the HARDEST diets I have ever been on, for health purposes! You have to be seriously ill to persevere!

I believe that God created man, and with that, God created everything necessary to keep Man in good health, to heal when necessary and to sustain. Even in the Biblical Times, the Grape was used by the Profits to demonstrate the riches of Land. The Grape is as ancient as the land upon which it grows.

I for one, will never trust any doctor, that shoots down the power of the grape. I am not saying that they must believe exactly what I believe. But if a doctor disowns a natural cooked food, filled with vital fluid and essential minerals as a means to sustain a body that is in essence otherwise fasting - which is what the grape diet does - then I doubt that doctor's ability to apply the best treatment for me, should I ever need it. A lack of open-mindedness is sure to breed failure. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the Power Of Nature.

To leave you with a thought. The Grape Molucule is smaller than the molucules of any Chemotherapy treatment for Cancer. Therefore it can cross a specific barrier in the brain, where chemotherapy cannot pass. Since the Essence of Life is transported through our blood, to reach every cell in our bodies, it is of vital importance to note that this is where the grape diet has its greatest impact.

In Short it rids the body not only of toxins, but creates a positive environment in which the body can heal itself, by creating an environment, inducive to the produce of good healthy red-blood cells and also red-blood platelets. The Cycle needs to complete over a maximum of 7 weeks.

Dr Johanna Brandt was a courageous South African woman, who advocated for the benefits of the grape diet, more than 70 years ago. This is DECADES before procydin and other relevant Modern Tablets containing grape-seed extract, were being processed with the intent to improve specific health issues. She wrote her book in the Mid 1920's. THE GRAPE DIET.

Till Next Time when I will share some more information on the Grape Diet.